Hidden World.


A place where I can gather anything and everything that inspires me. From food, fashion, life, architecture and design from all fields. This is my endless inspiration of sorts.

This is where I started my sparks, care to join.


Wong Fu Productions “Strangers, Again”

To find the people/person who I can be totally be myself ,all aspects and sides of me accepted. So in moments when I am with them, I am worry free and calm. 



It started off as a good morning, heading to yoga then eating lunch with friends. Went to the park after and got in a bi-anual photo in. Meeting for a club. Then off to dinner with some friends. Home to chill for a bit and discovered marks. It went pretty bad. 

My mind is everywhere. I try to find someone physical to guide me and keep me company, but no one is ever there. No physical person to lend on when I’m in trouble and just want a hug. 

In fear and lost on the inside. Someone come find me as I wander in my worries. Get me out. 


And the color of April! Oscar de la Renta visited our Library's Rare Books collection to find inspiration for his latest home collection. You can check out the final product here. ~LM

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